Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Alternative 3rd Level Warlock Pact Boons [Remaster]

Remasters are a side project I've been working on recently. Typically, this involves reworking old content to fit the new design standard set with my second template, while going back and modifying what still needed amending after whatever ended up being the final draft.

And, if I can, adding some much-needed fun, extra content to old stuff.

What did I add to this one? Well, that's why we have the


  • Many small modifications to formatting, ability elements, and similar.
  • Expanded Invocation Drawbacks, for it you're using the Invocation Drawbacks optional rule.
  • Didn't change the balance much. The content hopefully didn't need it. 


  1. If my character was wielding an enchanted longbow that deals an extra 1d6 fire damage on a hit, then casted eldritch blast through the bow with the Eldritch Arrow invocation. Would the arrow/blast deal 1d10 force + 1d6 fire + Dex/ChaMod damage? *And the agonizing blast invocation* If so, a level 17 character with the bow and the invocation could deal, if all blasts/arrows hit, [1d10+1d6+Dex/ChaMod]x4? If all die were maxed, Dex/ChaMod = +5 and all hit, that would be 84 damage in total?

    1. Regardless of how you channel it, Eldritch Blast is a spell attack, rather than a ranged weapon attack from your bow.

      Channeling it through your bow allows you to increase its range and (with Agonizing Blast) use your DEX mod in place of CHA, if you'd like. By RAW, it doesn't add additional damage inherent to a magic weapon.

      Now, this is obviously up to you and your DM, but the intent is not to let Eldritch Blast deal any more damage than the (sizable) amount it already does. I like to let WotC be the one to push the balance envelope, and to keep my own numbers in-line with what's already been released.