Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Otherworldly Patron: The Fungal Lord [Second Draft]

First draft went well, seems like. Naturally, I have to fix a lot, but the flavor seems spot-on.

I'm making just about all the changes I expected to make, but thanks to feedback I now have a really good idea of how to execute them. Funny how that works.


  • Sleeping Spores is now Psychoactive Spores, and introduces a stun instead of sleep.
  • Decompose can now eat objects, and is now a bonus action to allow corpse-eating on the go.
  • Mycelium-Blooded has been reworked, and now offers a standard package of resistance to poison and advantage on saving throws against poison and disease.
  • Swapped the placement of Psychoactive Spores and Decompose, as they both seemed better tailored for the other's level niche.
  • Psychoactive Spores may still be weaker than intended, but I wanted to avoid giving everyone a chance to attack the creature with advantage. Either one advantage hit, or one instance of the creature losing its turn, is ideal now stuns an enemy until the end of their next turn if they fail a save, regardless. That level of suck seems appropriate for a 6th level power that resets on a short rest, but it still may be more powerful than I'm thinking. 
  • May still want to throw some more health onto Decompose, but for a bonus action it isn't bad.
  • Just don't mess with sleep mechanics. It's never, ever, worth it. 


  1. This is great! I especially love the mycelial appearance table; it's a total ribbon, but really adds to the pact's uniqueness.

  2. Will this patron be seeing any unique invocations, like the Ancient Dragon? Or maybe just an update with general invocations? Keep up the great work!

    1. My eventual plan is to roll through ALL the warlock options with new invocations.

      There's a lot that can be done there, and I'd like to give all my warlock patrons the same treatment I gave the Fathom Horror/Ancient Dragon.