Monday, April 18, 2016

Divine Domain: Civilization [Second Draft]

What's most interesting about subclasses, to me, is how much or how little they color the overall class.

Rogues, for example. A rogue is fundamentally a rogue first, regardless of subclass. The subclass is kind of how they do rogue, but that's about it.

But with paladins, clerics, and, to a lesser extent, warlocks, subclass is their entire thing. It's how you do what you do, yes, but it's also why you do what you do.

Both the Madness and Civilization domains have clear missions the crunch of the domains re-enforce. For Madness, you're put on god's green Earth to make people go crazy. For Civilization, you have an arguably much nobler purpose: the safeguarding and expansion of society, of mortal-kind as a whole. Both domains define your character's purpose just as much as a background possibly could.

That's enough waxing-game-design from me, though. Let's see the changelog.


  • Many tweaks to CD: Bastion, including keeping it from being conjured within 120 feet of other summoned monuments, only being able to perform the permanent monument ritual once per day, and re-adjusting AC and HP to be in-line with what the DMG says stone structures should be.
  • Fruits of Civilization has been likewise tweaked, halving the merchant's available money and adding the word "approximately", so not every merchant will have exactly 500gp on the nose. Also made the type of currency ambiguous, so you could run into a gem-mining dwarf deep within a cave, or a fairy that'll deal only in electrum, if your DM wills it so.
  • Added a line to Drumbeat of Progress adding a buff to passwall, making its duration permanent if you will it so. Now your walls can have easy doors. 
  • None at the moment. 
  • If players can create a wall out of something they can summon, they probably will, even if they have another spell that actually creates a wall. 


  1. I have a question about your art- do you have artists that make each of these works for you, or do you find their works online and just credit them? I'm looking to publish some of my own homebrew I have been working on but don't know how to go about getting art for it.
    Love your stuff, by the way. By far my favorite Homebrewed content.

    1. Heh. I wish I could get Adam Paquette to make art for me.

      But, no. I have a massive art archive, and find much of my art online. I always credit the artists, and have a standing policy that if someone doesn't like me using their work, I'll change it immediately, no questions.

      Crediting the artists is actually often hard work, and usually involves combing old 4e sourcebooks, deviantArt, back issues of Dragon magazine, or similar until I find some mentions of the more obscure artists' names. Artists' names are mentioned in the Credits box at the end of every homebrew, and I generally try to place them in the order their art appears.

      And thanks for the complements! I always try to give my work as much TLC as I possibly can. =)

  2. The pdf connected to this article for me is Divine Domain: Technology v0.2.1 not Divine Domain: Civilization

    1. Fixed it, should work just fine now.

      Looks like I updated the wrong cleric domain on google drive. Whups.