Friday, August 21, 2015

Sacred Oath: Oath of Free Commerce [Second Draft]

Here's some homebrew! It's fancy and refined! But enough about that, here's some other stuff first:

In non-homebrew news, my job has started up again!

This means that content is slowing down somewhat because, as much as I love homebrew, it's like personal project number three for me. For the record: project one is helping a street cat from in front of my house become a house cat, and project number two is top secret but won't stay that way forever.

That said, in the spirit of me starting work, here's a revision of the capitalist paladin.

What I Changed:

  • Arcane Lock has been replaced with Hold Person. Both are thematic, but so is See Invisibility. I'm genuinely sad I can't include all of them.
  • Objective Worth now scales off of your Charisma modifier, and the ribbon power of this ability has been expanded to give a fuller, more complete antiques-roadshow I-sure-know-the-price-of-this-thing experience. 
  • I wanted to add Arcane Lock as a ribbon somewhere, but the only place it would fit would be on the level 15 feature. It wouldn't be especially thematic there, but I'd still like to slot it in somehow.

* * *

This and the Common Man paladin look fit to print - to me, anyways, and we all know how that goes. Tell me what needs fixing, I'll fix it, and we all go home happy with cool paladin options.

I've got some cool stuff in the pipeline - I might go back to warlock material for a little bit, but I've got several paladin ideas I'd like to get out in the open as well.

Exciting times, assuming I find the time to do it all. 

As always, thanks for the support, folks! It's always fantastic to share my work with people willing to pick it over and help make it better - and people who appreciate it for what it is, too.


  1. Dude, I am currently playing my 2nd Free Trade Paladin and it's the coolest thing. So much better and understanding than a zealot, he's halfway merchant, halfway investigator. Tons of fun!

    1. Although, I'll be honest, were Objective worth a bonus action instead of a full action my Paladin would be less of a nuisance on round 1 of combat. Maybe it's balanced but it screws me sideways.

    2. Glad to hear you're having fun with the option! I always felt this paladin was kind of a sleeper hit, it has a ton of roleplay potential, but usually sees the limelight only as a companion to the Common Man paladin.

      As for Objective Worth, it's an action so that it better parallels the Devotion paladin's Sacred Weapon. I'm not a *huge* fan of that design decision either, but (like the blade pact's summoning of their weapon) I think it's an action to encourage forethought, and to make you feel a little set-upon if combat breaks out and you didn't get it up beforehand.

      Definitely one of those things that I'd love to change, but really need to keep the same so it's not outright better than a core option.