Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Sacred Oath: Oath of the Common Man [Second Draft]

We pulled together. worked as a community, and made Communist-Paladin a true champion of the people!

At least, unless there's something we missed. But the great thing about collective labor is, if we made a mistake, it can easily be fixed with more collective labor.

Let's take a look at the changes!

What I Changed:

  • The virtue of Togetherness is now the virtue of Community. Because, y'know, that makes perfect sense. 
  • Worker's Harmony can now also be used to buff people into having proficiency with crafting tools, which is a fun, fluffy ribbon for it to have.
  • Fixed the duration on Strength of the People. You can no longer be a giant propaganda man for an hour, that'd be silly.
  • Noted gear changing size in Strength of the People. You will no longer hulk out of your clothes and be a giant naked propaganda man. That would also be silly, and somewhat terrifying in a way not intended.
  • Adjusted benefits of Strength of the People. You now give tHP to others that can see/hear you, and can mass-help people each turn. This is easily the weakest self-buff of the paladin level 20's, but the strongest party-buff. You're big and look cool, and your being-big and looking-cool inspires your friends to pummel your enemies into oblivion. 
  • Not anything, really. This is remarkably solid and distinct. 

* * *

I'm about ready to wrap this one up. I'll put it on reddit in a few days when I've got some time, see what people think, and re-release it as a version 1.0 if it's all good.

Speaking of which, I've genned a version 1.0 of every pact I've done so far. Expect them later this week, full of perfect* balance and bug fixes!


  1. Can we have a download for the "Custom builder" apps and such? Makes our lives much easier!

    1. Honestly I'm not sure where I'd start with coding that. It'd be a whole new thing for me to learn.

      Do you have a tutorial link? I can give it a look-over and see if it would be feasible for a future release.

    2. If you can post a plaintext version, it's pretty easy for somebody with a few minutes to spare to copy-paste and format. It's about the same difficulty level as editing a Wikipedia page. I actually started doing it for the Oath of the Common Man, then found this comment thread looking for copyable text.

      Here's a link to the forum and content creator for the app "Complete Reference for D&D 5e", if you'd like to check it out: https://complete-reference.com/DD5creator/

    3. I try to keep away from plaintext versions, as that keeps someone from copy/pasting my content as their own. Similar things have happened before, and I'd like to avoid it happening again.

      Still, thanks very much for the link! I just registered and will see if adding these is something I can figure out.

    4. Did you ever end up doing that?

    5. Unfortunately no, I got caught up in other projects, and D&D Beyond started becoming more and more of a thing on the horizon.

      My preferred solution to this is just to break down and release printsafe versions of my class options with selectable text, so people can copy/paste the content into the builder of their choice at their leisure.

      Naturally, this takes time as well. That's the problem with being a small shop: I only have so much time, and content only gets made if I spend time making it.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. "Never-ending" is misleading. It requires expending your Channel Divinity, so you can really only do it once every short rest.

    2. speaking of which, I love this Oath but the Channel Divinity seems less impressive compared to the other Oaths in the Handbook.

  3. Hi, do you have an art credit? I'm curious where you got the painting of the working man at the top of the document.

    1. Yup! That's Vance Kovacs. You can find his (admittedly, a bit shaky) website here:


      I really dig his dark-fantasy aesthetic, which he achieves without sacrificing being fantastical.

  4. Hey! any chance I could get a quick clarification on the first use of worker's harmony?

    I'm not sure whether it

    a) gives advantage on the first ability check or attack action taken in the next [CHA mod] rounds (e.g. if a paladin with +3 charisma makes an attack of opportunity the round worker's harmony was used, they get advantage on the first attack roll and the effect ends)

    b) Gives advantage on the first ability check or attack action taken on each of the next [CHA mod] rounds (e.g. if a paladin with +3 charisma makes an attack of opportunity the round worker's harmony was used, they get advantage on the first attack roll, and the effect is used for the round, but next round their first attack roll or ability check again gains advantage)

    c) Gives advantage to each ability check and first roll of an attack made during the next [CHA mod] rounds (e.g. if a paladin with +3 on charisma uses worker's harmony, and in one round they attack an enemy, make an attack of opportunity, and make a perception check, they have advantage on the first roll of each attack, and advantage on the perception check)


    1. Excellent question! The wording is very ambiguous.

      The intent is (b). Each of the rounds would grant you advantage on your first attack roll / ability check.

      Knowing what I know now, I should definitely go back and rephrase that text.

    2. Thank you very much for the clarification, it's a great supplement, keep up the good work!