Monday, March 6, 2017

Spells: Codex of Waves [Second Draft]

Available on the DM's Guild (pay what you want) at this link!

Well, that was exciting! My first all-spell supplement seemed to be very well received, although not without issues of both balance and sloppy editing on my part.

Needless to say, though, those have been fixed (to the best of my knowledge) and the Codex of Waves appears more ready than ever to be used by actual spellcasters in actual games of D&D 5e!

Also, as I'm sure you read from the very large text at the top, this title has been submitted (or rather, is in the process of being so) to the DM's Guild! Thanks also for all the knowledge you fine folks laid on me about the DM's Guild, as it helped me go into the submission process with both eyes open, knowing full well what to expect.

What'd I change, though? What makes v0.2 better than the rough draft? Well...


  • Bigby's blistering barnacles now allows you the (rather gross) option of removing them with an action and a Strength check.
  • Bless vessel now requires a creature that uses it to gain advantage on a check or save to actually be on the vessel somehow.
  • Flowsight is now a divination spell.
  • Pressure sphere has been fully reworked, requiring a bonus action to crush your target's head each turn and allowing your foe the chance at a Dexterity check to escape its clutches. 
  • Red tide is now 5th level instead of 6th, but otherwise remains unchanged.
  • Ripple now has a reasonable damage progression, similar to other cantrips.
  • Water tentacle has been re-worded partially, substituting your spellcasting ability score for the inherent Strength score it previously had.
  • The DM's Guild is still a fairly daunting process, and I'm not fully familiar with it yet. There remains the possibility I missed something up. 
  • As for the spells, none as of yet. Small editing errors are the most likely issue, going forward. 
  • It's cool to finally be published, in a fashion. I'm excited to see where this blog will go from here. 


  1. Nice. In my opinion this is way better. I was reading Red Tide again and i came to the conclusion that the cause of my concern with the wording of the spell was because of my limited english.
    All and all, i really love this codex. I already have a Sorcerer-Pirate NPC that that is gonna use ton of those spells.

  2. Any printer-friendly version for those of us who like paper and who would have to pay at FedEx to print the color?

    1. Working on a printer-friendly template is something I'd like to do in the future, but right now that'd be a little far off.

      Still, definitely something I'd like to do, and it'll happen sooner or later. :)

    2. As a stopgap measure, could you not simply remove the background layer? The background texture is the biggest problem as far as printability is concerned.

    3. I guess I could - I'd really prefer to have something more finalized, I'm a perfectionist at heart.

      I'll see what I can whip up.

  3. Would love to see something like this for wind spells, which also are laughable in 5e.