Thursday, October 22, 2015

Walrock Template v0.2 - More Toys, More Tools!

My last template was, as it turns out, really well-loved by a wide variety of homebrewers. 

That's always nice. So I made you another, updated template with better stuff.

As with the last template, be sure to do the following before using this:
  1. Read /u/skybug12's Mousefolk guide, which you can find here.
  2. Download and install these fonts and brushes.
After that, you can open up and use the template in Photoshop just fine.

This template includes the following:

Class Table

Class Table

Expanded Spells
(Full Caster)

Expanded Spells
(Half Caster)

Spell Formula

Spellcasting Table
(Third Caster)

Monster Stat Block

Optional Rule

Spell Formatting

Formatted Titles
and Text

Happy homebrewing!


  1. Ok, so assume im a scrub when it comes to anything related to graphics. I have been editing a summoner (not an eidolist) that I want in this form, but I have no idea how to implement this. What program do you use to make your PDFs?

    1. Photoshop CS6, same as what I open my template in.

      I save each page for web as a .PNG, then I go to File -> Automate -> PDF Presentation. Then, I select all the pictures, save it as a PDF, and set it to High (not Maximum) compression.

      Relatively easy-peasy. Assuming you have Photoshop.

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  4. HOLY CRAP, this is good stuff man, I'm a newbie DM, (only 16), and my love of photoshop and digital design is right there on par with my love of DnD. this design is gonna look great on my first homebrew campaign, it looks just like the official style!

    thank you so much, keep up the good work ok?

  5. First of all, thank you for posting these. They will drastically improve the quality of my future homebrews.

    I am having an issue installing the Scala Sans font on Windows 10. Only the bold and bold italic version of the regular font install, and seem to be overwriting the other regular versions of the font. When I open the template in Photoshop, it says those fonts are missing. Have you dealt with this problem before?

    1. Yeah, that's a fairly common problem with this version.

      I've made a v0.3 of my template but haven't yet uploaded it because I'm not sure exactly how to fix this particular problem. I've uploaded every version of scala sans I have available into the font pack, but on new computers it's still a crapshoot whether or not the appropriate version of scala sans exists.

      Fonts: harder than they logically should be. =/