Sunday, October 11, 2015

Prestige Class: Vampire [ROUGH DRAFT]

In the latest Unearthed Arcana, it has been revealed that prestige classes are officially a thing in D&D 5e!

Well, un-officially. Sort of. The rune scribe sure looks cool, though.

In that vein, I emulated the rune scribe's design to make my own prestige class - something fitting the concept and the dark n' spooky holiday season that's almost upon us.

And so, I give you the Vampire prestige class. The longest and toughest project I've worked on to-date, and one that promises to involve even more work once you folks tear into it.


  • Vampiric strengths and weaknesses! Jump on people and drink their blood in pitch darkness, but stay the heck away from running water. 
  • Blood Points! A side resource that you drink blood to fill, and that you expend to fuel your vampiric powers. Just don't run out when you take a long rest. 
  • Build-your-own-vampire! Crimson Blessings allow you to mix and match different vampiric powers to make a unique vampire all your own!
  • SO MANY CONCERNS. Is it balanced? Does it work right? Is it not powerful enough / too powerful? This is the first thing I've made nearly from scratch - I really hope it works out. 
  • Crimson Blessings are all roughly balanced against one another, but there exists a possibility that some are strictly better than others. 
  • Vampiric Siring doesn't feel right just yet. It's a total fluff power, but still - something feels off about it. 
What I've Learned:
  • Prestige classes are hard.
  • Prestige classes are VERY hard.
  • Prestige classes are REALLY REALLY COOL. 

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  1. I like the idea of becoming a vampire spawn if you don't meet the prerequisites. Other PrC's make you take another level of your regular class if you don't meet the requirements. This one, if you get bitten you either become a dark prince of the night if you've got the stats, or else lose your mind and become a blood-gorging thrall. But either way, something happens from that fang encounter.