Monday, August 31, 2015

Subrace: Sea Elf

Sea elves!

Fantastic in any swashbuckling campaign or any campaign taking place near the sea (or a lake, or a river), sea elves have always been my favorite variety of elf for at once having an alien perspective but not necessarily being dicks about it the way the drow are.

I liked 'em in 3.5, but 4e skipped over sea elves and broke my heart (though I guess they were technically supported with a feat? 4e was weird). I'm not going to take that risk with 5e, though - so homebrewed, balanced* sea elves it is.

Features: Swim fast, use weapons that work well underwater, access to the shape water cantrip.

Concerns: Nothing balance-wise, subraces are easy-peasy. I could do a better job with the write-up, though, and I'll probably take another crack at editing in a couple days when I have the energy.


  1. The best thing about a Sea Elf is being able to make an alliance to Wave(via Hexblade Warlock) without much concerns :D. Many thanks for this one

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  3. why char? is the only stat left? guess so. I'd put it in cos: do you remember all acquatic races in 3.5? they got bonuses to cos, since they live in an environment which requires to be resistant. char feels wrong to me, why between all elves they should be with the same stats as drows?

    1. I went with CHA to give them a kind of sea-siren feel. I like the idea of ocean-bound elves that can treat with merchants, lure sailors, and be a "nice" underwater society as a counterpoint to sahuagin and similar. Being a social society also differentiates them nicely from tritons, who are typically isolationist in their "kill the underwater evil" eternal war they've got going on.

      Looking back at 3.5 stats for elves, aquatic, I'm seeing that they got a +2 DEX / -2 INT, and can't find any pluses to CON. Elves as a whole aren't a particularly hearty race, and having them be durable doesn't ring as thematically true to me as having them be sociable.