Monday, September 3, 2018

Teas and Tisanes [First Draft]

Available on the DM's Guild (pay what you want) at this link!

Sometimes, I don't want to make something big, crazy, and over-the-top. Sometimes, a mellow, laid-back bit of lore and character building is just what we need.

Teas and Tisanes is a collection of canonical teas and, well, tisanes, from multiple major D&D settings. Listed by location and biome, it even includes rules for brewing, drinking, and finding tea in your own games.

Have a character that'd like to brew a pot of tea over an open campfire, or conduct an elaborate tea ceremony? Then pour a cup, flip through this supplement, and enjoy!


  • 28 Teas and Tisanes to enjoy with your party, some of which have magical effects!
  • A new toolset to brew tea with.
  • Rules for finding, brewing and drinking tea!
  • Balance isn't completely perfect, but none of the teas do anything outrageous so it shouldn't be too bad.
  • When in doubt, ask Ed Greenwood and Keith Baker for help.

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