Sunday, December 20, 2015

Race: Awakened Undead [Third Draft]

Constantly, it seems this project is being left to die, before it suddenly rises from its grave with newer revisions!

Very little changed in this version, which means that this is (likely) the final draft. Always good, especially because I have a couple very big things planned and it's nice to have a clean project queue before starting up a mega-project.

What's different? Changelog!


  • Rebalanced Bone to Pick and gave your skeleton arm a d6 instead of a d8. Seems reasonable.
  • Withering Touch is now more important, not giving you proficiency in something you'd already have by default, and adding CON to unarmed damage. 
  • Fixed Incorporeal Stride so that it no longer references 4e mechanics and gives you a very clear idea of what keeps out your ghost. 
  • Nothing, really. Seems about done and balanced to me.
  • Not much this time around. Just that you guys are always particularly good at picking out the nits I've missed. 


  1. Still my favorite of your homebrew. Still enjoying playing the skeleton. Almost hoping one of my characters is killed in another game so that I can take the ghost sub-race out for a spin!

  2. Do you have a project in the works, or is this the last one you're putting out?

  3. o blog morreu?
    faz mais de um mes que nao vejo nada novo por aqui =/

  4. My guess is that the day job invaded. I won't call it dead until it goes 3 months without a post.

  5. I hope not. Would the Con mod damage on unarmed strikes be too strong on a monk?

  6. I don't know that it would be any more game-breaking than Con boosts to AC and rages in a barbarian/moon circle druid build. If the character background is cool and the DM allows it, go for it. Rule 0.