Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Divine Domain: Winter [Third Draft]

With homebrew, my personal philosophy is to push the bounds of convention. To look at what is there in core, but to change and add to it, rather than to keep completely faithful to what already is.

But, sometimes that bites me in the ass.

And that's okay - making mistakes and learning from them is the entire reason I have a WHAT I LEARNED section, below. It pays to dissect the intense layers of math and balance within this game to determine how the whole machine works. If nothing else, it makes me appreciate the obvious dedication to building balance that went into fifth edition, and it encourages me to be more forgiving of the handful of balance mistakes 5e does make.

But, enough about mistakes. Let's see what got fixed:


  • Frost's Fortitude was tweaked significantly, and now hinges on Wisdom instead of Strength (to illustrate that it's your magic making you tougher), and now gives you access to much of the lower-end martial weaponry. 
  • Cold Snap can now target objects, maximizing damage against them for multiple rounds afterward. 
  • Rime has had its resistance-nullification removed. The feat Elemental Adept exists for a reason.
  • Blessing of Snows is now a vanilla Divine Strike, because it seemed like this option was leaning melee overall anyway. 
  • Cold Snap is still very similar to hold person, but I feel it's important to have at least one freeze-creature ability inherent to this domain. 
  • Sometimes, more choice can actually be a bad thing. Surprising, but true. 

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