Sunday, September 13, 2015

Alternative 3rd Level Warlock Pact Boons [Second Draft]

It's always nice to release content with lots of fiddly bits and find that it doesn't really need much in the way of fixing. It tells me I'm either getting better at this whole homebrew thing, or I got obscenely lucky this time around.

I'm leaning towards the second possibility. Especially considering all the changes due to the Paladin of Knavery, the second draft of which is also coming out today!

It's the Pacts & Pickpockets double-feature update. Check out the changes and enjoy the new content!

What I Changed:

  • Retooled Chimeric Aegis (thanks, /u/FullmetalCowgirl!) to better differentiate it from options provided to the Fiend pact warlock.
  • Broke the synergy between Eldritch Arrows and a rogue's Sneak Attack feature, because that could've gotten silly (with thanks to /u/994125010!).
  • Modified Eldritch Arrows to build off of Agonizing Blast, rather than ignore it. 
  • Would like more eyes on the damage numbers of Pact of the Peacemaker and Pact of the Scourge still, but I consider no news on those to be good news - I did work very hard to balance both pact boons. 

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