Monday, November 2, 2015

Race: Awakened Undead [ROUGH DRAFT]

Barely in time for the end of the Day of the Dead: Playable Skeletons! Playable Revenants! Be dead, and have fun doing it.

Both are races I've loved seeing in action, and have rarely seen any press or even homebrew attention for. So, I decided to fix that, no bones about it.

It's a rough draft, of course, so there may be bugs and issues. Goes without saying, and as always I'd appreciate any help you could give on that front.


  • General suite of core undead features makes it easy to add on other undead races in the future.
  • Choosing a Past Life race to better define who your undead was before death.
  • Wide spread of potential ability bonuses to accommodate multiple playstyles. 
  • Resurrection-type abilities for both undead subraces, to better give the feel of dying and coming back.
  • A revenant that is a solid combination of the 4e revenant and the revenant from the 5e monster manual. 
  • Both of these trend strong (skeleton moreso than revenant) and are in the same neck of the woods power-wise as elves, according to /u/JamesMusicus' race power rundown. I don't see this as such a bad thing because they aren't as powerful as dwarves or half-elves, but these undead are definitely in the better half of races. 
  • The resurrection abilities could use a look. I'm like 90% sure they're alright, but I'd like someone to take a look-see for my own comfort. 

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