Friday, June 3, 2016

Expanded and Exotic Weapons [Fifth Draft]

I think five drafts is just about the most I've ever done on any one project. I seem to remember my very first project being five drafts, but that hardly counts because the first draft of that one wasn't even Photoshoped.

Anyway, this particular project is currently part of the Bi-Weekly (Bi-Monthly?) Homebrew Review on reddit's /r/unearthedarcana, and true to its name, review was done and further edits needed to be made!

Plenty changed in this draft. Here's the changelog to help us sort it out.


  • Art assets removed as there just wasn't space for them. The credits are modified to reflect this.
  • Gauntlet has been replaced with Kunckle, brass, with a new special property to make it more useful.
  • Sap has been tweaked to make it more intuitive and less gamebreaking. 
  • Scythe is no longer a finesse weapon, and now is a 1d8 reach two-handed simple weapon.
  • Double Weapon has been retooled, hopefully allowing for more clarity. 
  • The Ensnaring property has been removed and replaced with special properties for its related weapons. 
  • Double Weapon formatting in the table has been fixed to frankly be a lot easier to read and understand.
  • The Spiked Chain can now grind targets for damage, while the Kusari-Gama can now disarm, in addition to the grapples they used to do. 
  • Several mechanics that inflicted Disadvantage on yourself now remove Advantage, because that seems overall more reasonable. 
  • Harpoon has been buffed somewhat to make it worth taking a feat for. 
  • The Punching Dagger is now the Katar, and both it and the Claw are now no longer light, but deal more damage.
  • Monk weapons have been retooled to be more in keeping with monk design schema.
  • When this much is changed, little side-errors start popping up. That's what I'd be on the lookout for. 
  • Making selectable PDFs is exhausting and way more work than it should be. I'd love to do it in the future, but I definitely want to take a break before figuring it out again. 


  1. Brass Knuckles isn't on your expanded weapon list.

    1. Yeah, the unfortunate thing is that I couldn't find a way to make Brass Knuckles function well, and had to remove them.

      Maybe next time. =[

    2. Probably necro'ing pretty badly here but brass knuckles could increase the damage of unarmed attacks with your fists by 1 die size or a flat number.

  2. Would it be possible to get a printer-friendly version of this (without the parchment background)?

    1. Working on a template for this right now, will release when I have something that actually works. :p

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  4. Thank you for the useful rules. Could you copyable texts in the future, please? It is important for readers who are not fluent in English and have to use a translator.

    1. Not a bad call, but they're significantly harder to make. I don't really have access to InDesign, and Photoshop's management of selectable text is really bizarre.

      I'll take another crack at it in the future, but for now it kind of has to be the way it is.